Although the majority of your time volunteering at a school will be full of fun, games and learning, sometimes you may come across a student that may be tackling a difficult issue or living with a developmental or other disability.

We are here to help.


At EdConnect Australia we are always here to discuss any concerns you may have whether it be about your placement, student or school.

We are here to listen.


We could not service our kids without you. Here are some resources to help you with your journey as an EdConnect Volunteer.

We are here for you.


Helping Students with Mental Health
Children and play, resilience, anger, positive separations.
Mental health basics, mindfulness, autism, anger, ADHD, bullying, school refusal.
Mental health resources including for refugees and prevention in young people.
Mental health and well-being resources for all ages.
Mental health information and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.
Advice for families and friends: anger, social media, gender identity, Instagram, self-harm, back to school.
Mental health and everyday issues for teens. Exam stress, risk taking, peer pressure, self-esteem, bullying,
Communication, foster care, blended families, abuse, social media, sexuality, gender and identity,
mental health, self harm, body image, relationships, cyber bullying,  stress, school bullying.
Talking to young people about alcohol
Resilience, drugs and alcohol, road safety and resources for the W.A. curriculum. and
Anxiety and depression information.
Lots of activities to do with children, disability, ADHD, autism, bullying, tips for all age groups.
Behavioral conditions including ADHD – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Autism factsheets.
Online safety, social media reputation management guide, Instagram, you tube, twitter, tinder.
Bullying information including how to respond to and prevent bullying.

Helping Students Choose Careers
Opportunities and resources

Linking careers with courses
Career Bullseye charts match school subjects to possible careers

Understanding Your Students
Guide to disabilities.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources. Information sheets:
helping children who have experienced trauma.
Noongar history and culture plus curriculum information.
Office of Multicultural Interests educational resources.
U.S. site on gender identity and awareness.

Support for Young Carers

Info for Volunteers

Volunteer resources WA

Volunteering resources VIC

Volunteering resources Geelong
State Library family literacy program and resources.
Naplan or National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy information.

W.A. School Curriculum and Standards Authority
curriculum info and lesson plans.