Yes. We will strive to match you to your preferred school

Preferences will always be taken into consideration when matching mentors and students.

Yes. All new volunteers undertake compulsory training that helps prepare you for your chosen volunteer role. There are opportunities throughout the year to attend additional workshops and training program that will help you in your volunteering role, these are optional. You can read more about our training here.

At present this is not compulsory but strongly encouraged. Our training program has been updated with lots of new content. There is always something new to learn as well as the opportunity to share your skills and knowledge with others. As we progress, we are aiming to have refresher training for volunteers every three years or roughly in keeping with your WWC card renewal date.

The Liaison Officer responsible for your area will contact you within three weeks.

EdConnect delivers volunteer programs and services to schools in a school setting and during school hours.
Volunteers can attend and assist at an approved school activity such as taking students on excursions, helping at school camps etc. However, you need to let us know in advance so that we can ensure that you remain covered by our volunteer insurance.

To get the most out of this training ideally you would attend for the full day. If this is not possible, discuss this with your Liaison Officer.

  • In Western Australia, $11 is payable at the Post Office when you apply for your WWCC, however this can be fully reimbursed by the WA Department of Education using a form provided by us when you are volunteering in a government school.
  • In Victoria and NSW it is free to obtain a volunteers Working with Children Check, however you are required to provide a passport photo.

In Western Australia EdConnect organises your Police Clearance free of charge.
In Victoria and NSW we are presently confirming cost or not.

No. As charity, EdConnect is unable to reimburse our volunteers for out-of-pocket expenses with the exception of the WWC card in Western Australia. If you require any materials to help you in your volunteering role please speak to your school or Liaison Officer directly.

No. However, the Department of Immigration has rules about who can volunteer in Australia. As a guide, if you or your family members are on a business visa you would be eligible to volunteer. Visitors on a visitor’s visa can also volunteer so long as this is not the primary purpose of the visit. You must be able to obtain a Working With Children’s Check in Australia. As part of the recruitment process, we check your eligibility along with the time you are able to commit.

That is absolutely fine. Please let us, your School Coordinator and mentee (if applicable) know in advance.

  • We need to ensure that young people receiving our services are safeguarded and supported.
  • Our screening processes are also in keeping with current legislation and best practice standards in our industry.
  • Working with children is an important role and not suitable for everyone. Only those with the necessary aptitude, communication skills and ability and who come to us with high quality references are eligible after we undertake Working With Children Checks and Police Checks.

We provide our services to schools that choose to become an EdConnect member school. This enables them to access agreed programs and services as well as additional opportunities as they arise.
We currently support schools in Western Australia, Victoria and NSW. We primarily provide our services to government schools although we do have a number of private schools also subject to the needs of their school community.

We will keep your application on file and note that you have withdrawn your application. If you later change your mind, please contact us and will review your changed circumstances with you.

Yes. We have public liability insurance of up to $20 million.  Volunteers are covered through our insurance whilst undertaking approved volunteering activities as part of their agreed volunteering role with EdConnect Australia.  Our insurance extends to accidental injury or death when travelling to and from your volunteering role.
Should you need to make a claim as a result of an incident relating to your volunteer role, please raise immediately with your School Liaison Officer or contact our main office on 08 9444 8646.

Hopefully, you can find the answers you’re looking for.

If not please contact us via email