Supporting Students Through Education Transitions

Making the jump from primary to secondary school, or a campus change, can be a tough and daunting time for young people. To assist and support Geelong students, we are encouraging locals to apply for a new Mentoring role to journey with students during this critical time.

Thanks to the recent Give Where You Live Pitch Up initiative, EdConnect Volunteer Transition Mentors will support students for one hour a week, during school for the remainder of the 2021 school year and then continue the role in 2022, as the students commence at their new school or campus.

Ashley Hall, Student Wellbeing Worker at the Hendy Campus at Northern Bay College is looking forward to welcoming the Transition Mentors into her school.

“For many students it is really challenging for them to navigate their way as they change campuses. The ability for the student’s to have support that continues through this transition will provide stability and importantly a trusted role model who can journey with them.”

The EdConnect transition mentors will be trained and supported as they build relationships with year six and eight students that focus on emotional and social support. Mentors will help build student’s confidence and resilience and recognise strengths in preparation for the transition. The support from Transition Mentors will continue into the new school year and setting, providing stability, support and encouragement for students as they find their way.

EdConnect Geelong and Surf Coast Liaison Office Sally Edgerton is thrilled with this new opportunity for volunteers and local schools.

“Given the disrupted learning from 2020, it is fantastic we can provide additional opportunities to existing and new volunteers with EdConnect to support local students and schools. We know a number of students would benefit immensely from additional time and support from committed community members who have a passion to help students thrive.”

Sally goes on to explain, “This is an amazing opportunity for our local Geelong community to actively demonstrate to students that we support them whilst building intergenerational relationships and contributing to a stronger outcomes for the community.”

To find out more about the Transition Mentoring and other EdConnect volunteering opportunities in the Geelong and Surf Coast region, contact Sally Edgerton on