Workplace Giving

Social Responsibility is important, especially for businesses. Workplace Giving is an effective, efficient and meaningful way for businesses and their employees to support charities they care about.

EdConnect Australia is supported by the Good2Give Workplace Giving platform which is provided by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF). CAF acts as an intermediary to cost effectively administer Workplace Giving programs for charities like EdConnect by collecting donations and granting them back to EdConnect.

It’s a simple way to enable your employees to give to EdConnect, whist reducing the administration cost for the charity – so they can invest their limited resources into what they do best – support young people in schools.

To learn more about Good2Give and Workplace Giving, click LEARN MORE.

Talk to your Employeer about workplace giving and if there isn’t a system in place, suggest Good2Give to get the company signed up.

Workplace Giving:

  • creates a sense of social responsibility in the company
  • enables donors in the workplace to give to charities pre tax, and make a real difference
  • efficiently connects donors and employers with EdConnect
  • a cost effective means for EdConnect to raise funds
  • makes it easy for companies to be good corporate citizens
  • employers can supercharge company giving by matching staff donations
  • donors receive an automatic tax deduction and don’t have to retain receipts
  • donations can be one-off for special events or ongoing to support a chosen charity