Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving is when donors make donations from their pay to charities like us here at EdConnect Australia and which helps support our many young people and volunteers achieve great things.

Workplace Giving Can Help:

  • creates a positive community spirit within your company
  • enables donors in the workplace to give to charities pre tax, and make a real difference
  • it is the most efficient way to connect donors and employers with EdConnect
  • the most cost effective means for us here at EdConnect to raise funds
  • makes it easy for companies to be good corporate citizens
  • employers can supercharge company giving by matching staff donations
  • donors receive an automatic tax deduction and don’t have to retain receipts
  • donations can be one-off for special events or ongoing to support a chosen charity

From little things big things grow

If just 500 Australian workers donated $5 per week through workplace giving an extra $130,000 would be raised for EdConnect Australia every year. This equates to almost 40 school communities, 200 volunteers and almost 600 young people receiving our support.

Interested in Workplace Giving? Contact Craig Stewart for further details

For Employers

EdConnect Australia is proudly supported by the Good2Give Workplace Giving platform which is provided by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF). CAF acts as an intermediary to cost effectively administer Workplace Giving programs for charities like us by collecting donations and granting them back to us.

Using the Good2Give platform to administer our Workplace Giving program provides a simple, effective way to enable your employees to give to EdConnect, whilst reducing the administration costs for us.

This means that we are able to invest our limited resources into what we do best which is to support more young people who need our help the most.

To find out more about Workplace giving and how you can help support EdConnect Australia through workplace giving go to the Good2Give Website for more details on how you can set this up in your company and nominate EdConnect Australia. There is also a free Workplace Giving E Book with further details that you can download or you can check out the Good2Give FAQ’s orGood2Give Website

Not quite ready for the online platform but would like to set up Workplace Giving in your company?

Use the following simple DIY Guide to Workplace Giving. Follow these simple steps below:

  1. Contact us here at EdConnect Australia to let us know you would like us to become a recipient of your workplace giving.
  2.  We will provide you with our bank account details so you can make lump sum deposits.
  3. When setting up workplace giving in your organisation you need to decide whether or not you will reduce the amount of tax you withhold from the salaries of your participating employees to account for the amount donated each pay. In some circumstances, small donation amounts will result in no or minimal change to the amount of tax to be withheld.
  4. Find out which of your employees would like to give to EdConnect Australia and how much they are willing to donate each pay.
  5. Deduct the agreed donation amount from the income you pay to each participating employee and forward it to EdConnect Australia as a lump sum either monthly, quarterly or half year.
  6. We recommend you keep a receipt for your records of the amount donated on behalf of each employee.
  7. We’ll also send you a receipt for any payments and we’ll be sure to provide updates on how the money is spent so you can communicate the good news.
  8. At the end of the financial year, advise each participating employee in writing of the amount they have donated.
  9. For further details on tax returns, employee communications and working out withholding click here

For Donors

Here at EdConnect Australia, we change lives. We bring communities closer together. We make Australia stronger. Its inspirational stuff but there’s so much more we can achieve. For every dollar we receive we return $4.80 in value back to the Australian community and provide life-changing mentoring and learning support in schools for young people who are at risk of not fulfilling their educational potential.

  • By choosing to donate through workplace giving you are helping us achieve great things with those young people who need our help the most.
  • If your employer is already a Good2Give employer speak to your HR or payroll manager and let them know that you would like to give to EdConnect Australia and how much you wish to donate from your pay.
  • Once set up there is nothing else to do other than sit back and share the good news. ο We will keep in regular contact with you through emails, newsletters letting you know how your donation is helping along with invitations to events and activities.
  • We are also happy to present in person to your staff.

If your employer hasn’t heard of workplace giving or isn’t sure where to start forward them a link to the Workplace Giving E Book or contact us here at EdConnect Australia. We are more than happy to come to your workplace and speak to your employer directly on the benefits of workplace giving. Perhaps they aren’t quite ready for workplace giving but you are keen to go ahead.



Thank you for Choosing to Donate to EdConnect Australia through workplace giving