Corporate Partnerships

What we can offer you:

  • Access to 1,200 active volunteers from all walks of life and professions, genders and ethnicity
  • 260 school communities across three states of Australia and growing
  • Over 16,000 young people
  • Many hundreds of EdConnect Stakeholders

Raise your profile through:

  • EdConnect Australia’s website that currently receives over 6000 hits every month
  • Our growing social media presence on Facebook, over 1,300 followers
  • At EdConnect events, awards and fundraisers
  • In monthly e-newsletters and our Annual Report
  • Acknowledged in presentations

Benefits to employees

  • Increase in employee knowledge, skills and ability
  • Developing leadership and communication skills
  • Improved morale and motivation
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Increased personal and professional growth
  • Sense of personal achievement

Benefits to your company

  • Increased employee retention and loyalty
  • Increased employee engagement
  • A productive and positive business and social outcomes
  • Improved community perception and related marketing opportunities
  • Demonstrated corporate citizenship activities
  • Positive effects on productivity

Benefits to EdConnect Australia

  • Access to resources and skills we would otherwise not have
  • Access to intellectual capital
  • Low cost solutions to address community issues and needs
  • More open and inclusive interaction
  • Building trust and reciprocity

For more information or to speak directly to someone regarding Corporate Partnerships, please contact the WA Head Office on 1800 668 550 and ask to speak to the Management Team Gerri Clay, Danie McNeil or Carin McCashin.