Training for schools

When your school becomes a member school of EdConnect Australia we want to make sure your school is well supported and fully understands the services and programs that we offer so that you can start your journey with us confidently and that together we are able to make a meaningful and positive contributions to the outcomes of your students. For this to be successful we require schools to identify a School Coordinator who becomes the interface between the school, EdConnect Australia and our volunteers.

Once a School Coordinator is identified, we will provide specific training and resources to the School Coordinator to help them be successful in this role and thereafter provide them with ongoing support. This may be individually, in small groups with other School Coordinators or online subject to individual needs preferences and availability. School Coordinators also have access to all of our volunteer training packages at no cost which is also a great opportunity for professional development.  Please contact your school Liaison Officer for more details.

At any time should schools have a change of staff member undertaking this vital role, please let us know and we will also arrange further training.