Girls in STEM

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EdConnect has successfully secured funding from the Gandel Foundation to support students at school, particularly girls, who have an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects and wish to pursue a career in the field. The program targets youth who are further challenged by living and studying within disadvantaged communities and with reduced opportunities due to low socio-economic demographics.

Implementation of the program has been delayed due to COVID and has been extended through to  2022.

Our STEM Volunteers

  • Focus on positive STEM experiences for girls in upper primary and lower secondary school.
  • Improve learning outcomes and encourage female students to continue STEM subjects as they progress through school.
  • Assist with study techniques, understand study self care and working towards thefuture STEM aspirations of the student.
  • Work with groups of students in Years 10 and 11 for eight weeks.
  • Work under the supervision of the teacher to provide support.

The History of the Program

The program commenced in 2019 with a pilot program that focused on Coaching Girls undertaking STEM subjects in Upper Secondary schools. The pilot provided a solid foundation of learnings, but also presented some challenges. The pilot offered an 8-week program to support young women with a passion and ability for STEM subjects,  based in the Geelong, Western and Northern Metroplitan areas (VIC)

Most importantly, the program created a positive experience that allowed EdConnect to seek funding from Gandel Foundation to broaden the project and integrate it into our wider model.

The Future

EdConnect has explored opportunities to record stories from inspiration women in the STEM field, with the aim to provide an insight into their career and role, the journey taken to get there, challenges faced and to share advice and guidance.

EdConnect has been able to establish a new geographical School area for the project in the South East of Melbourne, from Oakleigh through to Cranbourne. The new area will be in addition to our Geelong, Western and Northern Metroplitan EdConnect regions

Find Out More

Contact Rhonda Velkovski, EdConnect Liaison Officer Western Region – Melbourne VIC
Mobile: 0477 090 027