On Young People


2015 Schools Survey independently verified by WACOSS.

  • 93% of schools reported that they had seen improvement in self-esteem in students as a result of their participation in EdConnect programs and activities.
  • 79% of schools reported an improvement in students’ social skills.
  • 69% of schools reported improvements in student literacy.
  • 50% saw improvement in students’ numeracy.
  • 47% of schools reported a reduction in disruptive behaviour from the students involved in EdConnect programs.
  • 67% schools reported increased student participation as an outcome.
  • 28% were using the programs in the context of English as a Second Language

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We’re harnessing the wisdom and skills of older generations to enrich the learning experience of young people who are at risk of falling by the wayside in an often over-burdened school system.

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