Our Work


There are two roles EdConnect volunteers can choose to undertake:

Learning Support volunteers understand the importance of education and want to support students to achieve their potential. Learning Support volunteers provide caring support, a listening ear, and help to make learning more fun. They can also assist school staff. 

  • Help students within the classroom environment
  • Provide classroom support to teachers
  • Work with students in small groups
  • Assist in the school library, canteen, breakfast club or bike clubs
  • Help with school fundraising, sports carnivals and other events
  • Assist staff with minor school improvements

Mentoring is a structured and trusting relationship between a student and a caring adult who offers guidance, support and encouragement. A mentor is a reliable, adult role model who uses their life experience and listening skills to support a student who is at risk of not achieving their educational potential.  

  • Work face-to-face with the same student
  • Provide weekly mentoring sessions
  • Support academics through activities
  • Teach social skills and provide emotional support
  • Be a friend and confidant
  • Make a life-long impact for one student

We inspire older generations to inspire the next.


  • Our work raises literacy and numeracy standards, and also equips young people with the life skills they need.

  • We enhance students’ wellbeing and enrich the community by enabling people of all ages to help each other.

  • We provide support so that everyone has the opportunity to realise their potential – in school, in life, in society.

  • We’re the only national charity in Australia with this unique focus and purpose.

  • Whatever stage of life you’re at, we all have the potential to do good – to make a difference

  • It’s our aim to unleash this potential for the greater good across Australia



“I think EdConnect adds considerable and far-reaching VALUE to the community – it not only benefits schools and their students by providing skilled, retiree volunteers with a wealth of experience in their respective fields to help students, it also keeps the volunteers engaged directly with the community.  I feel this is very important for self-worth and self-morale.

This volunteering opportunity has impacted on my life greatly, having returned in 2015 from living in Asia for 44 years.  EdConnect has provided me with a sense of PURPOSE and kept me involved with the young, and the workforce. The support staff at EdConnect have always been helpful, engaging and supportive in my role. ”

-Geelong Volunteer, Dierdre Moss

“This year I am mentoring and helping two students on a regular basis; a nine year old and an eleven year old. I help these students in their assignments and their hobbies. We play games, we make things, but most importantly we talk about their interests, their fears and their frustrations seeing their mums and dads living apart with all the complications these situations give rise to. I have earned their trust and as we go along I hope I can make a positive contribution to their future.

In turn these kids have filled a deep hole in my life having lost my only two sons. As I attempt to find meaning in my “golden years”, my contribution to these kids, many from broken and seriously problematic backgrounds, is a tangible way of contributing something to very young members of our community who are suffering through no fault of theirs.

It is very sad when a ten year old talks about anxiety, anger, depression and tells you she wants to die. This is where our vast experience of life can gently come to the rescue.

I highly recommend becoming a volunteer with EdConnect

-Reno Demicoli – 72 years old