Meet Kay White, Lifestyle Village Resident

We spoke to Kay White (70) about how she came to volunteer with us here at EdConnect Australia. Kay is an active resident of the National Lifestyle Village (Vibe) and loves how she gets to connect with local youth on a weekly basis.

“I first heard of EdConnect at a presentation to my local Lions Club, and as an ex-teacher could immediately see the benefits the program would offer students. It also fits in with my lifestyle now that I am retired, and gives me something to look forward to each week that has a real purpose,” Kay explains.

When asked how volunteering with the younger generation makes her feel, Kay comments.

“I love the interaction with the students. I requested to be paired with girls from the older primary grades and the school has been very accommodating and flexible.”

“We haven’t had much happening in the village since Covid-19 hit, as you can imagine. Even when I’ve had really busy weeks, having that time each week to turn the phone off and spend an hour away from my daily commitments was like a mini holiday at times. You really do have to be ‘in the moment’ when spending time with the students. It has actually helped me to feel refreshed and revitalised,” she continued.

EdConnect Australia connect volunteers who want to make a difference, with young people in school who need extra help and guidance. We aim to equip young people with the life skills they need to succeed. We do this by building positive and supportive relationships with each student.

Kay reaches out to other residents who may like to volunteer.

“Go along to an information session or check out the information online to find out if it might fit with your lifestyle too.  Spending time with them is such a valuable thing to do in this day and age where a lot of parents are so time poor and teachers are dealing with a very crowded curriculum. It’s also a great feeling to know you are doing something positive with your spare time,” she said.

If you have any residents interested in becoming an active member of the wider community, would love to build a positive relationship with a young person and has 1 free hour a week, please view our Application Form, email or call 1800 668 550.