Continuing her journey in the education sector post-retirement


Meet Leonie Cusick, one of the hundreds of compassionate EdConnect Australia volunteers who brings with her more than 20 years of experience in the education and training sector! She joined EdConnect to keep in touch with mentoring soon after her retirement.

“When I heard about EdConnect and the transformational work their volunteers are doing to enhance youth experiences in local public schools, I thought it was an appropriate platform to continue my journey in the education sector post-retirement”, shares Leonie.

EdConnect is on a mission to prepare and connect intergenerational volunteers with disadvantaged young people for educational success and well being. Leonie is helping us realise our mission by providing learning support to Foundation / Year 1 students two hours every week.

“Simply put, just watching these kids grow and improve is one of the best parts about this role”, says Leonie.

EdConnect leaves a lasting imprint not only in the minds and hearts of our young beneficiaries, but also on our diverse group of volunteers who have so much to take back home.

“One fine morning, a chirpy little one comes up to me with flowers in her hands (probably got on the way to school), sparkle in her eyes, and a broad smile on her face. When she gave them to me, it was definitely the favourite moment by far!”, says Leonie, touched by the warm gesture.

Emphasising the impact that dedicated volunteers like Leonie have on the organisation’s Learning Support Program, EdConnect Australia Liaison Officer Rhonda Velkovski spoke.

“Leonie’s subject expertise and enriching experience has benefited the students as well as the school teachers who welcome her and other EdConnect volunteers with open arms. Her message for her co-volunteers bears testimony to how well she bonds with children – ‘Listen to the kids, get to know them and their quirks, enjoy the time with them, be patient.”’

EdConnect Australia offer a variety of ways that people can help in local schools, from listening to students read, library support, assisting with kitchen garden programs or general classroom support. Call 1800 668 550 to apply today.