Containers for Change in support of EdConnect Australia

As part of the Containers for Change program run in Western Australia, you can choose to donate your 10c refund directly to EdConnect Australia. Every 10c container returned to a refund point gets another chance to live its potential.

We caught up with EdConnect Australia Volunteer Debbie Singleton (WA) who volunteers at Shenton Park College and told us all about her experience with the program.

“I started collecting my bottles and cans as soon as I heard about Containers For Change (CFC) starting up in Perth. I heard that everything would be recycled, so I thought it was definitely worth doing,” she said.

There are three easy steps:

  • Simply Save your Containers: check for the 10c mark on your drink containers.
  • Take them to a Collection point: All across WA, there are refund points that will suit you.
  • Donate your Refund: You receive 10c for every container you return, which you can donate to EdConnect Australia.

Image: EdConnect Volunteer Debbie Singleton with her latest ‘Containers for Change’ exchange. 

Once you return your containers to a refund point, they are sorted, processed and sold to approved recyclers. Some of the approved recyclers are in Australia whilst some material is sent overseas for recycling. No matter when the containers are sent, all accepted drink containers returned through Containers for Change must be recycled or reused.

Debbie explains the ease at which she collects and exchanges her containers.

“It’s very easy. I have a couple of large plastic boxes in my garage which I fill up over two or three months and then I take them in. I volunteer at Shenton College for EdConnect Australia and the Shenton Park CFC collection point is almost next door to the school. I volunteer at the school and then drop my bottles off afterwards – couldn’t be easier,” Debbie explains.

At the collection point, it’s simple to drive in, load up the bottles and send the refund to EdConnect Australia (scheme number C10350147). If you do need any help, there’s always staff right there to sort you out,” Debbie reassured.

When asked why Debbie has chosen EdConnect Australia to receive the funds, she said the choice was easy.

“EdConnect Australia is a brilliant organisation; everyone involved gets so much out of it – the students, the teachers and the volunteers.”

“EdConnect Australia brings volunteers, teachers and students together and the rewards are huge for everyone. It’s a privilege to be part of it, and I’d definitely encourage everyone to donate so that we can get more volunteers in more schools and help more students,” finishes Debbie.

To find out more about Containers For Change visit the CFC website or view our CFC Flyer below.

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