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Sue & Richard’s Story

Celebrating 20 Years with EdConnect Sue and Richard Baldwin are no strangers to the world of volunteering, having spent their lives... Read More
Trudy’s Story

Receiving one of life's greatest joys...   Volunteer Trudy McKenna has recently celebrated an amazing fifteen years of service volunteering with... Read More
Sam’s Story

Supporting students through compassion and good humour   Volunteer Sam Cattermole has been assisting in a learning support role since October... Read More
Brenda’s Story

Supporting students through compassion and good humour   Brenda began her volunteering with EdConnect at Dalyellup Primary School in 2016. She... Read More
Teresa’s Story

My EdConnect Story Written by: Teresa Livoti February 2024 Like every person affected in the universe in early 2020 so was... Read More
Deirdre’s Story

Lives lived and lives ahead   On returning to Australia in 2015, after 44 years living in Asia, Deirdre Moss signed... Read More
Brian’s Story

Brian empowers students through intergenerational learning   Brian Wood, a dedicated volunteer with a passion for mentoring and empowering young people,... Read More
Athena and student Brock’s Story

A remarkable story of connection, compassion and community   At Maidens Park Primary School in Bunbury WA, Athena Sofilas, has been... Read More
Val’s Story

Val's Volunteer Garden Adventure   Val Horsby's journey as a volunteer began in Albany in 2009, when she joined the School... Read More
Gary’s Story

Professional Leader and Engineer prioritises volunteering to assist youth in need    In 2017, distinguished leader and chemical engineer Gary Frampton made... Read More