Alcoa Foundation and EdConnect Australia began working together in 2016 in order to establish and grow the EdConnect community volunteer program in the Peel region of W.A. Our partnership is called “Connecting Generations for School Success”. Alcoa Foundation is supporting EdConnect Australia with funding over 3 years of $180,000.

Thanks to Alcoa Foundation support in 2019, EdConnect Australia was able to work with 22 schools across the Peel region.

Volunteer roles included mentoring and classroom support, reading programs, breakfast clubs, craft groups, times tables, gardening programs, cooking groups and much more. 146 volunteers supported 1458 students with important one-on-one time from a positive adult role model.

These 146 volunteers provided 244 hours of support per week.

We are pleased to announce that our Peel volunteers contributed nearly $750,000 of value back into the community. Each hour of volunteer time contributes to this bigger picture and increases student confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

Thank you to Alcoa Foundation for your continued support and thank you to our Peel volunteers for your time, dedication and care – you have made a real difference this year.


Alcoa Impact on Pilbara