EdConnect Australia announced as
2024 Telethon Beneficiary


With Telethon’s support in 2024, up to 3000 more students will have access to a caring adult who will positively impact their well-being and academic success.

EdConnect Australia supports Students at Educational Risk across Western Australia through the well-established school volunteer program.

EdConnect CEO Michael Pailthorpe, comments on the announcement.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be announced as one of the 2024 Telethon Beneficiaries. Simply put, harnessing the skills of our extraordinary volunteers from the local community, EdConnect volunteers change lives,” he began.

“Education is one of the strongest indicators of positive life outcomes. It is increasingly reported that students are experiencing learning challenges due to changing family circumstances, cultural differences, socioeconomic disadvantage, and ever-present social media,” said Michael.

Working with over 240 schools nationally, EdConnect prioritises partnerships with schools in lower socio-economic areas with the highest need. These schools know their students best and can clearly identify where extra support is needed to assist students at risk.

Many young people experience significant barriers that can prevent them from thriving and reaching their potential at school. The EdConnect program provides additional support for students in the classroom,” said Michael.

“EdConnect works with our partner schools to match and place our screened and trained volunteers into the school environment. They are the superheroes and this funding will allow us to grow our volunteer numbers and our impact on school students,” Michael finishes.

EdConnect has a long-standing history of assisting schools in Western Australia.

“The impact of volunteers from the EdConnect volunteering program is profound, appreciated by students and recognised through awards at state level. Volunteers are attuned to the learning needs of students and find ways to engage them with both ‘hands on’ and ‘pen and paper’ learning experiences,” said the Principal of a Western Australia High School.

“An extra set of adult hands in the classroom is considered gold,” said one Western Australia Primary School.

For more information about the EdConnect Australia volunteer program visit www.edconnectaustralia.org.au, contact edconnect@edconnect.org.au or call 1800 668 550.

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